If you can think it, you can make it!

PiKA3D presents a fun, easy and accessible
3D drawing experience.

Questions & Answers

Do you have a 3D pen designed for kids?

Yes! Check out our PiKA3D Junior pen. Its a low temperature 3D pen with no hot parts and a PCL based plastic perfect for the youngest of creators.

What filament can I use with my Pika3D?

For PiKA3D SUPER or PRO, you can use our PiKA3D filament refills, or any 1.75mm filament that's available on the market. If you have a PiKA3D Junior pen you will need to use a 2.5mm PCL refill.

Do the 3D pens have any safety features?

The PIKA3D pens will automatically turn off if they are left on but idle for a few minutes.

Where do I start?

Our customer support team is here to help ensure you pick the right solution for your needs, and can be reached at help@pika3d.com.

  • pika super 3d pen

    PiKA3D Super

    The Most Agile 3D Pen: Pika Super is lightweight and compact, allowing you to model you 3D creations in new ways!

  • PiKA3D Pro

    Delivers A Reliable 3D Drawing Technology: PIKA PRO is slim and easy to hold, allowing you to draw 3D more smoothly.