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How much will the cost of shipping be?

The cost of shipping depends on the weight of your order, the country of delivery, and the shipping method you select. If you would like a quote on shipping costs, please put the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart on our website, and go through the checkout process. You will be able to select the shipping method and view the shipping cost before you make a payment.

I received a notice that I have to pay import fees to receive my order. Why is this?

This applies to our International store only, not North America or UK.

For all orders shipped with Standard Delivery, please note that the recipient may have to pay import taxes or other fees, in accordance with our Sales Terms.

Please note that you (the customer) will be responsible for any customs fees, duties, taxes, or any related agency fees imposed on shipments sent via standard (registered post) shipping methods. These payments, if charged, must be settled by you upon the arrival of your shipment. Unfortunately, there is currently no method for Pika3D to charge for and prepay these fees on your behalf.

How long will it take my order to arrive if I select the “Express Delivery” option?

It usually takes 1-2 days to prepare your order for dispatch. From the dispatch date, it generally takes 3-4 business days (M-F)  for your order to arrive

My online tracking states that my order was delivered, but I can’t find it!

If you still can’t find your order after contacting the shipping company, please contact us by emailing and we will promptly look into this for you.


Why is the light on my Pika3D blinking red?

If you are experiencing a flashing red light with your PiKAD, please contact our Customer Service team by emailing and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Why is the light on my Pika3D always red?

Note that after several minutes of being turned on, if left idle, the Pika3D pen goes into “standby mode” and will stay red until the device is made active again. From "standby mode" you can make the device active by clicking the feed button once, or turning the pen off, then on again. If your light is still remaining red after this please contact our friendly customer service team at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Why is my Pika3D Pen having difficulty feeding PLA?

PLA feeding issues are often corrected by adjusting the temperature manually. If you continue to have PLA feeding issues please contact our customer service team by emailing us here:

My pen is not ‘gripping’ the plastic. It seems like I really have to force it. What gives?

If need be, once the pen is turned on and feeding forward, give the plastic strand a firm push into the pen to help the Pika3D grip’ it.

If you still have difficulties, please contact our friendly customer service team by emailing here:

Plastics and Accessories

What Type of Plastic Works with the Pika3D pen(s)?

For PiKA3D SUPER or PRO, you can use our PiKA3D filament refills, or any 1.75mm filament that's available on the market. If you have a PiKA3D Junior pen you will need to use a 2.5mm PCL refill. Our Pika3D filaments was developed specifically for this pen so that you can extrude at lower temperatures.

Can I Doodle on skin?

Please don't try to draw on skin with the PiKA3D Pen. You’ll burn yourself!

FOR PiKA JUNIOR ONLY: The Pika3D Junior PCL Plastic is completely safe for skin contact, making it the perfect tool for creating wearable creations such as jewelry, masks, glasses, and even earrings! The PiKA3D Junior nozzle may be uncomfortable for some, so we don't recommend pressing the nozzle directly on the skin. Please take care not to get the warm PCL Plastic in your hair as it will be very hard to remove.

Can I use other plastics instead of what you sell?

For PiKA3D Super and Pro you can use almost ANY 1.75mm plastic filament on the market.

For PiKA3D Junior the plastic is specially developed for the PiKA3D Junior. It’s not possible to use other brands or types of plastic in your Junior pen.