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Scrib3D PLA Plastic Filament Refill Pack

Scrib3D PLA Plastic Filament Refill Pack

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  • Choose between 100 Feet (30 meters) of professional quality (natural + odor free) PLA filament, or virgin & raw professional quality ABS filament.
  • Standard 1.75mm diameter filament. All Scrib3D filament packs are compatible with most leading 3D pens, and work best when used with our Scrib3D P1 Pen or Scrib3D Advanced Printing Pen.
  • PLA is great for printing directly onto surfaces. ABS is best used for drawing in the air as well as for first-time users. Both are designed to be easy to use and create a great print or 3D masterpiece.
  • Both packs Include a bright array of colors, including blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, black, tan, brown and gold.
  • All Scrib3D filament is designed to be jam-free, with tight specifications for optimal operation.

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